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Businesses today cross various fields and expertise and so you need a service provider that is diversified

Protocol is a leading value added Information Technology company started in the UAE in 2005 and in Malaysia in 2012. Our market coverage extends to other parts of the Middle East, India and Africa. We work closely with our clients at every stage and absorb their business rule and methodologies ensuring high quality.


Solutions to small and medium industry needs.


Our motto, “Solutions though Synergy”.


Overview as a global player in the IT industry.

Protocol Overview

High quality work, price performance, consulting, services and support for our valuable clients are the major strengths.

We have highly skilled and trained personnel with a high level of proficiency in Telecom, Networking, software development / Implementation, LAN & WAN solutions.

Protocol has provided technology solutions to organizations in various industry verticals including Banking, Manufacturing, Logistics and Construction sectors and also other small and medium industry needs.

Protocol provides effective computing solutions that meet the information technology requirements of organizations. We have vast experience in integrating diverse technologies and providing superior customer support to the corporate world.