FaxCore is 21st century network fax software: a high-performance engine designed to deliver fax traffic over enterprise networks of any size. The only fax solution built on the Microsoft .NET platform, FaxCore lets you fax enable the entire organization, seamlessly.

FaxCore’s web browser interface for users and administrators means no software to deploy and you don’t have to be at your PC to send a fax, or administer the system. These are the features required in a converged world.

Why choose Faxcore?

Faster Response

Respond to faxes from customers in seconds, for a more effective medium of communication.

Admin Settings

No client-side software required. All users access FaxCore with a standard Web browser.

Auto Archiving

Set up fax groups, authorized users, messaging lists and event notifications.

Client Architecture

All FaxCore client interfaces are 100% pure HTML browser applications. It is enterprise security friendly.

Faxcore Features

Integrated SQL Server Support

FaxCore runs on the MS SQL database or FaxCore can attach to an external corporate SQL Server on the network to simplify backup, recovery and archiving.

Web Service SDK

FaxCore’s WS/SOA SDK offers a straight forward and simple interface, reducing application integration to a matter of hours instead of days.

Barcode Module

FaxCore’s Barcode Module compliments workflow processes involving “boomerang documents” (you send it and you get it back).

Microsoft CRM integration

Fax directly from MS CRM and log all fax communications into the history file for each Company or Customer record. Send and receive faxes from CRM as easily as emails.

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