Industry leading IP based Faxing Solution

The protocol helps the enterprises to go paperless by deploying industry-leading IP based faxing solution

  • Organizations to improve employee productivity
  • Reduce printing .
  • Environmental friendly go green organizations.

The paperless office is a myth

Using IP technology to send and receive faxes can reduce the amount of paper, and hassle, associated with document transmission.

Fax over IP solution offers a new, more efficient way to perform faxing tasks. Fax over IP makes faxing faster, more mobile, and easier to manage.

Fax over IP is a technology that adapts to the way you use fax every day-not the other way around.

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PABX System

Integration of IP Faxserver with IP based PABX System, Mail Server, media gateways. Protocol Provides IP Based Enterprise Fax solutions through the Award Winning Faxcore Faxserver.

Multifunction Printers

Multifunction Printers in addition to the web access facility to fax servers provide flexibility to the organizations with more mobility options.

Faxcore Faxserver

Faxcore is a 3rd generation .NET based IP based fax server which provides a platform integrating the faxing infrastructure with the industry-leading IP PBX system, Multifunction printers, Etc.

IP solution

FaxCore’s fax over IP solution is the only major product available with native support for Microsoft’s .NET platform. It offers a new, more efficient way to perform faxing tasks.

Benefits of IP based fax server

  • Reduced telephony and consumables cost
  • Integration with leading VoIP phone systems and messaging servers
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Integration with MFPs
  • Reporting tools

Major Solutions From Protocol