ProCIM is a Debt collection Customer interaction management Software which will enable collection agencies to grow their business by providing vital Information for collection process at your fingertips. ProCIM can develop and adapt as your business needs change.

Best suited for credit and collection management, ProCIM offers all the tools necessary to increase your efficiency, effectiveness and profitability. The system also helps to monitor the agent’s performance and activities.

Why choose ProCIM?


Secure and manage profit margins and drive revenue growth. Also provides comprehensive reporting.


Control third party expenditure and optimise resource and employee time.

Cost Tracking

Prevent accidental overspend and accurately track time and cost against budget.


Seamless compatibility with existing systems and documents in customizable libraries.

ProCIM Features

Secure Budgeting

Procim guides and controls the budgeting process, while providing complete visibility across all projects. It takes the stress out of this process through the use of budget templates.

Resource Management

Simple, flexible resource scheduling and management. Plan projects, people, holidays and overtime secure in the knowledge that everything’s rooted in the budget.


We integrate with external Accounting, Finance, CRM and Expense Management systems to provide a seamless workflow and avoid unnecessary duplication of work.

Everything Else

Every project runs within Procim which does purchasing, Timesheets & Expenses, Reconciliation, Billing Schedules & Invoicing, Forecasting, Reporting, Workflow & Messaging.

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