Proconnect CTI provides a connectivity between the client devices like Desktops/Notebooks and PDA and your IP based telephone system. The Proconnect desktop application runs on the client devices which will enable user to handle the calls more effectively.

The desktop application lets the user to control the telephone from the desktop itself.  The user can use the application to handle all the functionalities of the handset like answer, call, hang-p, transfer etc..

Why choose Proconnect?

For Accountants

ProConnect Tax Online is now integrated with QuickBooks Online Accountant.

Tax Return

Helps you stay on top of the status of the tax return for tax professionals and track them.

Time Saving

In ProConnect CTI(Comm and Telephone), it’s as easy to navigate around client tasks.


Capable of handling warehouse & Stores in Telecom business based on requirements.

Proconnect Features

Screen pop-up

Screen Pop-up applications are designed as per the customers requirements. This connects to the customer’s database and allow popup on screen when call comes or is dialed.

Preview Dialer Solution (PDS)

Preview dialing is an effective automated dialing technique when the agent requires more control over the call process and may prioritize the calls.

CRM/ERP/Third-Party Integration

ProConnect CTI integrates with any ODBC  enabled CRM / ERP or other Third-Party Applications, to use their contact or customer database or may be ideal for Corporate datacenter.

Email Integration & SMS Gateway

Email Integration enables SMTPT/POP communication to track all the email to the contact through the application. The SMS Client / Server gateway records all SMS sent to the contact.

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