In order to meet the increasing demand to automate and regulate internal activity of any organization, Event Scheduler has been designed to ease their work pressure. This Schedule software supersedes any know system calendar to be easy-to-use and more focused towards organizational needs.

Event Scheduler uses the most prevalent Ms Access database and is browser based so that there is no need for any other proprietary software application other than a MS network environment.

Why choose Proscheduler?


Connected to more than 50 different telephone platforms. It provides Optimized scheduling.

Event Scheduler

Event Scheduler System is stand-alone software application. It does not load any external module.


This is an ideal substitute for an organization’s Outlook Calendar for scheduling events.


The Event Scheduler System has been proven to be Robust and can be used anywhere.

Proscheduler Features

Event Scheduler Reporting

Event Scheduler provides a summary and detailed report of events and participants in a simple and fast HTML format that can work with any browser of equivalent version of I.E. 5.0 +.

Workforce Scheduling

ProScheduler’s easy to use interface, low upfront cost and quick integration allows customers get started and see results within weeks. It has Great value for money and quick ROI.

Event Scheduler in e-mailing

Events are scheduled from anywhere between anyone with any email address. Event Scheduler sends and receive information via email from anyone anywhere with respect to schedules.

Proscheduler Prometric

Prometric test development, test delivery, and data management capabilities. It delivers and administers tests to approximately 500 clients primarily academic markets.

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