Network Security Threats in our daily life

These threats pose a multi-billion pound threat to corporations worldwide and is due to the viral nature of the

  • Internet
  • Internal data losses
  • Terror-related risks

How do we protect you?

To protect your business we take a comprehensive approach to managed security from our physically secure data centers and monitored network.

This extends through to robust and industry recognized security tools and techniques designed specifically for hosting.

Huge traffic can cause stability problems and may lead to vulnerabilities in the system and so we ensure that shared data is kept secure.

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Secure Server Builds

In addition to secure server builds with security tested operating systems, we offer a number of value-added security solutions to ensure your solution remains robust.

Hardware Firewall

To protect your investment we recommend a hardware firewall for all server solutions hardware firewall provides a physical barrier between your servers and the outside world.

Physical Barrier

The hardware firewall can also be configured to remove the risk of access from a hostile source. It eliminates the risk of performance deterioration.

Firewall Accomodation

Some hardware firewall products focus on small office/home office (SOHO) users whereas the Cisco PIX comes in configurations that support up to 500,000 connections.

Security Services based on

  • Sonicwall
  • Fortinet Hardware platform

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