SLA Database

The Service Level Agreements records a common understanding about our:

  • Services
  • Priorities
  • Responsibilities

Level of Service in SLA

A service-level agreement (SLA) is a negotiated agreement between two parties where one is the customer and the other is ‘Protocol Systems’. Each area of service scope will have the ‘level of service’ defined. The ‘level of service’ can also be specified as ‘target’ and ‘minimum’.

Nature of the service

Our Service-level agreements are by their nature ‘output’ based – the result of the service as received by the customer is the subject of the ‘agreement’.

Key Values

We demonstrate our value by organizing themselves with ingenuity, capability and knowledge to deliver the service required, perhaps in an innovative way.

Specifying the way

Organizations can also specify the way the service is to be delivered, through a specification (a service-level specification) and using subordinate ‘objectives’ other than those related to the level of service.

Major Solutions From Protocol